Aug 18, 2022 4:04:54 PM

Your daily update | 8th August

With the thrilling quarter finals in the back view mirror, the World tournament is nearing its end. That brings us to the first day of the Semi-finals, where the four qualifying teams are sure to give it their all to get a chance to take the World Cup Trophy home!


Apple (AAPL) Vs. Amazon (AMZN)

Score: 1:0

When the semi-finalists were finally announced, fans were wishing to see these two teams clash against each other in the finals but destiny had other plans as the semifinals draw pitted these teams against each other right away!

We saw a competitive fight between the teams as their lead strikers aggressively took shots at the goal but in the end, despite Jeff Bezos best efforts and an awe-worthy performance in the quarter finals, Tim Cook managed to tip the tide in their favor and led the team to victory!


Morgan Stanley (MS) Vs. Kweichow Moutai (600519.SS)

Score: 1:0

It seems our liquor team is destined for battles with financial teams as the draw pitted it against the only other financial services team left in the tournament.

Fans were expecting Kweichow Moutai to repeat their history and their morale was quite high going into the match. However, it seems it lead to Kweichow Moutai’s team becoming overconfident in their abilities as the first round saw them facing an upsetting defeat!



Well, it was only the first day of the semi-finals and it’s too soon to form an opinion but the semi-finals definitely started with a bang as we saw two upsets right off the bat!

Will Jeff Bezos get back in form and give Tim Cook a better competition next time? And will Morgan Stanley’s team be able to avenge its fellow team by defeating the Chinese liquor team?

Stay tuned to find out, as the real battle has just begun!