Sep 25, 2022 10:11:31 AM

Week 2 Highlights | Crypto

Crypto Highlights | Qualifiers Week 2
19th - 23rd September 2022


PancakeSwap vs. Bitcoin

Final Score 3:2

This week was a horror-thriller for team Bitcoin’s fans, for whom the defeat of their world-class team was nothing short of a heartbreak. This trauma was a result of investors leaning away from risky assets due to the looming threat of rising interest rates in the economy.

The biggest crypto team in our tournament was defeated by the 63rd best in the club. Thus, it is no surprise that PancakeSwap is the most popular lesser-known crypto team right now. The community of its fans is enlarging and is gaining traction in the crypto market. Everyone wants to know who beat the giant Bitcoin.

PancakeSwap has played 2 matches till now, and has lost one, and won 1. While, Bitcoin has played only one match until now, which it has lost.

Bitcoin will have to step up its game in the next match if it wants to stay.



Zilliqa vs. BNB

Final Score 2:3

BNB, one of our top 5, sure didn’t disappoint anyone. The first match for BNB against Zilliqa was a tough match, even for the fifth best in the crypto world.

Despite losing, Zilliqa gave their opponent a good game- one that enthralled the stadium and everyone watching.

This week’s winner, BNB has been one of the industry's ‘safe bets’ for quite a while now. It belongs to the largest exchange currency by trading, Binance. However, the exchange continues to face regulatory scrutiny and may be banned in more countries over time. If this becomes true, this team’s future might be stagnant.

As for this tournament, Zilliqa is out, while BNB still has two more qualifier matches to compete in.



Algorand Vs. Elrond

Final Score 3:2

Algorand came to win and that’s exactly what they did this week. Winning another match against the team Elrond, they’ve secured their place in the group stage.

While the experts were optimistic about the team Algorand’s future a week ago, many are puzzled by the fundamentals that show the team’s value might go down in the near future due to its high volatility.

On the other hand, team Elrond might still have a chance in this tournament if they win the next two matches.