Sep 25, 2022 10:14:41 AM

Week 2 Highlights | Banks

Banks Highlights | Qualifiers Week 2
19th - 23rd September 2022

Morgan Stanley vs. Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Final Score 1:4

Another huge upset of the qualifiers was this match. Morgan Stanley failed to stand against the team Bank Rakyat Indonesia after it lost in this week’s match with a score of 1:4 against it.

With a score as less as 1:4, it indeed was a brutal week for the team known as the global leader in financial services. This team who is a great protagonist of ‘clients come first’ has been fined $35,000,000 by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week, for selling off old hardware devices online, including thousands of disk drives, that were still loaded with personally identifiable information (PII) belonging to its clients.

This fine greatly affected its image in the banking club, as investors’ perception was changed, and the value of the team was downgraded.

As for Team BRI, the sky is clear and blue. It just needs another win to have a spot on the group stage.


Robinhood Markets, Inc. Vs. JPMorgan Chase


Final Score 4:1

A score of 4:1 led to the annihilation of team JPMorgan Chase, and the triumph of Robinhood in this week’s match.

Robinhood has been doing quite well in this tournament, despite it being a young team in the club. It has currently won 2 matches and has thus secured a place in the group stage of the tournament. The team is quite well in form and the future is looking all digitalized for them! It seems that the 100% commission-free trading concept is becoming a fan favorite in the world of financial services.

JPMorgan will have to break through the bearish market that is pulling it down and play with its full potential if it wants to make a comeback in this tournament.


Bank of America vs. HDFC Bank

Final Score 4:1

Another anticipated victory for team BOA. Team Bank of America is back in the game after last week’s loss. Playing against team HDFC Bank this week, Bank of America scored 4 goals in five rounds, completely sweeping off the opponent from the stadium.

Team BOA’s consistency and focus in the small businesses sector, along with Hathaway’s trust, confidence and coaching have brought the team where it is now.

In recent news, the BOA team has invested greatly in Human Ventures (one of New York City's premier emerging venture funds). This is good news for the team, as it reflects the bank’s efforts to partner with the diverse fund managers and founders who represent the future of the tech industry.

What does the future hold? Stay tuned to find out.