Nov 22, 2022 8:43:02 AM

Week 7 Highlights | Banks

Bank Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 7
14th - 18th November 2022

The knockout Stage commenced with a great deal of enthusiasm from all the qualifiers in both the crypto and the banking world. Thirty two teams came head to head with each other to play sixteen matches this week, and only eight are going to go to the next week for the round of sixteen!

This was a crucial week for every team who qualified for the knockout stage, and most of them delivered an impressive performance. Fans are thrilled, as the tournament is getting more interesting every week!

Itaú Unibanco vs. CM Bank

Final Score 3:2

The Brazilian banking team managed to win against the Chinese CM Bank, after a tough match between the two. Both teams played with grit and determination to win this week, to go further in the tournament. But, only one could make it of course!

The Chinese team was pretty disappointed, as they tried their level best and managed to keep the match tied till the fourth round. The last round was the final decider, and it decided in the favor of Itaù Unibanco!

Itaú Unibanco has seen strong results and growth this year and this proved to be tremendously heavy on the CM Bank!


UOB vs. Truist Financial

Final Score 4:1

Team UOB, a Singaporean multinational banking corporation, defeated the American banking team of Truist Financial by scoring three consecutive rounds- showcasing a wonderful performance!

The insider information regarding the increase in the team’s ownership percentage of the top management of the company has sent the stock’s value rising. This has not only improved the image of the team in the eyes of the shareholders and investors, but also let this team win the most crucial match of the tournament.

Everyone’s betting on this team. Will you? Stay tuned to find out what the future weeks hold for this team!


Barclays vs. Capital One

Final Score 5:0

This match was just a pain to watch!

Barclays made it so easy, scoring a consecutive five points against team Capital One in this crucial week.

A wonderful third quarter has led the team to outpace all its opponents in this tournament. The top management of the team are quite ecstatic and confident with their team’s performance in the banking sector and in this important week of the tournament.

If it continues to perform this brilliantly, tackling all the difficult pathways like they’ve been doing till now - they can win the next week too!