Nov 22, 2022 8:47:15 AM

Week 7 Highlights | Crypto

Crypto Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 7
14th - 18th November 2022

The knockout Stage commenced with a great deal of enthusiasm from all the qualifiers in both the crypto and the banking world. Thirty two teams came head to head with each other to play sixteen matches this week, and only eight are going to go to the next week for the round of sixteen!

This was a crucial week for every team who qualified for the knockout stage, and most of them delivered an impressive performance. Fans are thrilled, as the tournament is getting more interesting every week!


Klaytn vs. Ontology

Final Score 1:4

This match wasn’t as thrilling as the others, mainly because of Klaytn’s continuous disappointing performance.

Defeating their opponent with a huge score difference of 4 to 1, team Ontology is over the moon. This popular, high-performing public blockchain-based crypto has had a good week. However, experts are not so sure about its future.

Many warn of the risks associated with this team, and have made fans hesitant to bet on this team in the tournament ahead.

Will this winning team make it through the next week? Stay tuned to find out!

Polygon vs. Maker

Final Score 2:3

Maker made it through the first week of the knockout stage and is all ready to play in the round of sixteen this week.

Defeating Polygon with a commanding score of 3 in the first four rounds, this ETH-based team has made its mark quite effortlessly in the round of 32!

However, there’s a downside. Maker tokens are highly volatile assets, making them high-risk investments. Many experts are of the opinion that this coin has the potential to show a downside performance as much as to show the upside one.

This week seemed easy for them. But will team Maker make it through the next week? Stay tuned to find out!


Ox vs. Cosmos

Final Score 5:3

This was indeed a thrilling match, which kept us and all the spectators on their very toes!

Ox and Cosmos tied in the fourth round. They geared up to fight the final round on Friday, but the score fell in the favor of team Cosmos.

An expert went as far as saying that if you’re looking for a blockchain-based platform that could rival Ethereum, Cosmos is the best choice. Let’s say that everyone’s all in for the team Cosmos - and maybe there’s going to be a bullish trend soon for the team.

Alas, the main question now is next week. Will Cosmos be able to continue this commendable performance next week as well? We’ll soon find out!