Nov 26, 2022 7:34:00 PM

Week 8 Highlights | Banks

Bank Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 8
21st - 25th November 2022

Alas, feels like yesterday when we began the magnificent journey of our World Cup tournament. Time flew by and today marks the end of our tournament’s Round of 16. Next up is our Quarterfinals and before we know it, it’s going to be the semis, the finals and our journey shall finally come to an end!

Both our Banking and Crypto teams displayed outstanding efforts on the field this past week and defying all fan expectations we saw most of the winning teams absolutely crush their opponents!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the prominent matches of the Round of 16 before we head on to the Quarterfinals.


Bank Central Asia vs. Postal Savings Bank of China

Final Score 3:1

The Round of 32 was dominated by the Asian teams in both the Crypto and Banking tournament. So, it was indeed a delight to finally see an Asian Vs Asian match this week!

As the teams finally went head-to-head, fans were on the edge of their seats as it seemed like it could be anybody’s game!

But as it turned out Postal Savings Bank could all but slow the inevitable as BCA’s team just wasn’t willing to budge.

With the rise in their net income (24.73%) and revenues (20.27%) in their latest quarter, BCA’s team entered the arena with the crowd chanting their anthem at the top of their lungs boosting their players confidence and vigor.

As a result, they won the first round with ease. In the second round though, excitement was again on the rise as the round resulted in a tie.

However, BCA took the tie way too personally and made quick work of their opponents by winning the next two rounds and qualifying to the Quarterfinals!

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Vs. Banco Bradesco

Final Score 3:2

Now this was a match that had every single person in the arena on their toes!

SPD Bank – just like their performance in the Round of 32 – entered the field and started scoring. Winning the first.2 rounds with ease.

And just when it seemed like all was over for their Brazilian opponents, Banco Bradesco changed formation and started pushing SPD bank back and won the next two rounds, tying the scores!

“The dynamics quickly turned from a knockout match to a knockout round!”
Alas, despite all their hard efforts and making an unbelievable comeback Banco Bradesco just couldn’t outrun their poor 3rd quarter earnings report that fell short of analyst expectations and lost the final round.

Again, we see that the Asians are on a roll!


Bank Rakyat Indonesia Vs. Barclays

Final Score 0:4

This match was just a pain to watch!

Barclays, the British multinational universal bank, didn’t leave things to chance and went for a straight knockout by winning the first 3 rounds consecutively and quickly eliminating their Asian opponents.

Although Bank Rakyat did manage to tie the score in the 4th round, but their efforts were futile as their fate was already sealed.

It seems all Asians are not the same!

Despite being in hot waters this month as among other things they must pay over 1 million Pounds as customer refunds due to breaches, Barclays has maintained a relatively bullish trend since mid-October.

The question remains will they be able to continue this streak for a couple more weeks and make a name for themselves before the bad news surrounding the stock catches up to the team? Stay tuned to find out!