Dec 4, 2022 8:22:23 AM

Week 9 Highlights | Banks

Banks Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 9
28th November - 2nd December 2022

Bank Central Asia vs. Barclays

Final Score 1:4

And the Asian Dominance hereby comes to an end!

When Bank Central Asia’s team entered the field on Monday’s round, fans were expecting to see the same level of dominance they displayed in the Round of 16 against Postal Savings Bank and build upon their positive latest quarter earnings report to crush their opponents!

And the fans were right… but only partly.

As BCA did indeed end the round in their name but that’s all they ended up doing.

As Barclays, on the other hand, now dubbed as the “Asian conqueror” conquered all the remaining rounds.

Just like they did the previous week, defeating the Asian team of Bank Rakyat, to qualify to the quarterfinals they’ve done it again to proceed to the semis!


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial vs. ICBC

Final Score 3:1

If you look at the stats of ICBC’s players this season they are but average.

The team has a track record of drawing their rounds and perhaps has had the most ties this World Cup. Their strategy is not to score the most goals but to concede the least goals and use a standard defensive formation.

To qualify to the quarterfinals last week, they scored 2-1 and barely got in!

And although it had been working for them so far, but strategies like these don’t work against titans like MUF.

As the match began this week, it seemed as ICBC’s strategy was working like a charm, as they won the first round and tied the second – conditions that are highly favorable to their success!

However, for the last 3 rounds MUF switched up their formation to attacking and caught ICBC by surprise and before they could recover, the match was over and MUF qualified to the semis!


Industrial Bank vs. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

Final Score 2:3

After a close win from UOB last week (3-2), Industrial Bank faced what their opponents faced last week. A victory snatched from the palm of their hands!

Amid the reappearing covid cases in China and the setback Industrial Bank faced due to rapid sell-off in bonds, the fans are just glad they made it so far!

IB gave it their all and won the first 2 rounds of the match consecutively, but sadly the disturbances in their home country caught up to them and they lost the last 3 rounds, losing their seat in the coveted semi-finals!

The Asians who were on a roll for the past 2 weeks, are facing quite the reversal and timing couldn’t be worse!