Dec 11, 2022 11:39:20 AM

Week 10 Highlights | Banks

Banks Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 10
5th December - 9th December 2022

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc vs. Barclays

Final Score 4:1

After a commendable performance throughput this tournament, where they have defeated teams much stronger than theirs and broken monopolies like the Asian dominance in these past few weeks, our fan favorite Barclays, our infamous “Asian conquerors” will not be impressing us with their performance in the finals next week.

As sadly, our English team lost the semifinal match to the SMFG group!

I guess Karma is real as our famously dubbed “Asian Conquerors”, were defeated this week by none other than our team all the way from Japan, the SMFG!

And ironically, our Asian conquerors were defeated by the same score it had won last week’s quarterfinals with from Bank Central Asia (4-1)!

Such Irony and such excitement can definitely only be found in the Worldcup tournament!
But wait, just before you send Barclays back on a flight all the way home, all’s not over yet as they are yet to compete for the 3rd place! 

So stay tuned as you get to see your favourite team play yet another time!


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria vs. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Final Score 2:3

What an absolutely amazing turn of events, we knew the Round of 16 was dominated by the Asians but damn we never expected this to happen!

Our second finalist in this tournament, who barely defeated its opponents (BBVA) to secure their place in this tournament, is none other than our other team from JAPAN, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial!

You know what this means? We are going to have a Japanese vs Japanese team FINALE!
Wow, the world is huge and so small and ironic at the same time!

Our Japanese team started off strong this week and took the first-round home, but BBVA quickly made it interesting by winning the next round and making the total score a tie.

And as the way of the Japanese goes, they perform well when the situation gets hard and that’s exactly what they did. 

Fueled by the desire to succeed, they switched to attacking formation and won the next two rounds consecutively, securing their place in the finals!

And just like last week by scoring just 3 rounds out 5.