Dec 11, 2022 11:56:30 AM

Week 10 Highlights | Crypto

Crypto Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 10
5th December - 9th December 2022

Basic Attention vs. Cosmos

Final Score 3:2

Ahh Cosmos, we really had high hopes from you. With its decentralized internet of blockchains on the way, fans and experts alike were very optimistic about the company. 

And after it’s wins from the titan Litecoin in the Round of 16 and Ontology in the Quarterfinals, fans were already getting tattoos of Cosmos taking the World cup trophy home! 

But as they say you should never spend your money before you make it, you shouldn’t celebrate too early either!

Especially in a tournament as unpredictable and exciting as ours which is literally known for producing great upsets for its viewers!

As that’s exactly what happened, and BAT batted the Cosmos out of the finals as Cosmos’ players sat thinking about their place in the ‘Cosmos’…

However, it’s fair to say that the match was well-fought by both sides and if anyone could have defeated Cosmos after its winning stride it was indeed BAT, as they have displayed outstanding performance throughout this tournament and especially last week when they defeated Qtum in a perfect knockout (5-0)!


Loopring vs. Compound

Final Score 3:2

Unlike the past 2 weeks' matches in which Compound made it in the nick of time and managed to climb in the tournament by winning both matches by a close score of 3-2, this time around they weren’t as lucky.

As they lost the match by the same score they used to slip past their opponents by and sadly the 3 wasn’t under their name this time but Looprings!

Loopring was onto Compound's shenanigans and knew their strategy of slipping in at the last moment. So what did they do? 

As the semifinal match started this week, Loopring's team switched to attacking formation pressed on the gas and didn't let go!

Winning round after round until they had won the first 3 rounds, leaving no room for Compound to weasel in!

But Loopring's team isn't known for its kindness for nothing, as after securing their seat in the finals, Loopring took their foot off the pedal and changed their formation to holding.

Allowing Compound to end their stride with dignity by winning the last 2 rounds!

What a team and what amazing kindness, but will the same strategy help them win against the titan BAT in the finals? Stay tuned to find out!