Dec 18, 2022 12:12:24 PM

Week 11 Highlights | Crypto

Crypto Highlights |Knockout Stage Week 11
12th December - 16th December 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fans and Investors around the globe, the monumental day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The champions of the tournament have finally been announced and after the ceremony they’re ready to take the trophy home!

What an amazing journey it has been these past few weeks, with titans getting crippled by newbies, nail-biting finishes and truly unbelievable upsets right up till the end. We held up our end of the bargain and have provided you the most unpredictable, the most thrilling and the most heart-breaking World cup ever!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to the Final and Third Place Playoffs that took place this week as we reminisce over our memories of the tournament.


Loopring vs. Basic Attention 

Final Score 5:0

After its surprising victory from Cosmos last week, who I would like to mention was the most probable champion of the Crypto tournament according to experts, we believed nothing could stop BAT on its road to victory anymore. 

I mean who could defeat a team who defeated even Ontology and Litecoin? And that too not by luck but sheer skill?

Although BAT BATted Cosmos back to the ‘Cosmos’ last week, this week the same thing happened to them, and they were shot even higher up in the ‘Cosmos’ than Team Cosmos. 
As this week what we saw…was complete annihilation! 

I guess Karma is not to be underestimated in this tournament as Team BAT was thrashed by the same score, they thrashed Qtum with to proceed to the Semis, a straight up 5-0!!

Loopring was on fire, using the same tactic as they did against Compound last week. As the match started they once pressed on the gas and didn’t let go until victory was secured.

But this time around they took things up a notch and instead of showing kindness like they did to Compound this time around they wanted the glory of a perfect knockout as their journey in this tournament ended.

Lo and Behold, the mind is a powerful place and there’s nothing you can’t achieve once you put your mind to something and Team Loopring had set their mind!

The result? A 5-0 knockout in the finals! Making Loopring the UNDISPUTED champion of the Crypto Tournament!


Third place playoff

Compound vs. Cosmos

Final Score 3:2

Ahaha I guess old habits die hard. 

Like the backbenchers in school who always manage to score just enough to pass and climb up to the next grade.

For the 3rd time in the knockout stages, first in the Round of 16, then in the Quarter Finals and now in the Third Place Playoffs, Team Compound has managed to secure victory by making it just in the nick of time and scoring just enough to qualify (3-2).

A tie after first 2 rounds sure made the match interesting for the fans, but majority of the support lied with the fan favorite Team Cosmos! 

As the arena echoed with the sound of Cosmos, Team Compound finally remembered who they were and what they stood for – the pioneers of Liquidity Mining!

And when backbenchers get out of their slumber and actually put in the effort, the sky is the limit!

But in this case, not even the Cosmos could limit them, as they quickly defeated Team Cosmos in the next 2 rounds by winning both of them and officially sent Cosmos back to the Cosmos for good!