Nov 17, 2022 9:59:14 AM

Daily Highlights | 15th November

Knockout Stage Matches
Week 1 | Day 2
15th November 2022

Compound vs. Shiba Inu

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 0:2

And the fan favorite meme coin continues its stride!

Shiba Inu has been an absolute menace in this tournament, destroying team after team as they advanced through the different stages of the tournament.

And the knockout stage is no different!

The Shiba Inu price has been a rollercoaster ride for traders.

Whale stats showed that the top 5000 ETH whales were holding $75.28 million worth of the SHIB token.

With such fan support from investing titans (ETH whales), it’s aggressive SHIB burning policy and it being one of the most used smart contracts in the past 24-hours, SHIB, despite the FTX induced downturn managed to overtake Solana and became the 13th largest cryptocurrency!

The rival team Compound on the other hand has had it rough for them and are having difficulty recovering in the Crypto bear market with no price movement in the past 24-hours, leading to another loss.

Will they be able to make a comeback? Or will SHIB keep thrashing Compound in the coming rounds?

As it stands the latter seems more likely but as in a tournament as volatile as this, you can never be sure!



Barclays vs. Capital One

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:0

A wonderful dominance shown by the British multinational universal banking team, Barclays.

Barclays Bank won the second consecutive round on Tuesday in the first match of the knockout stage, making their opponents scratch their head with anxiety.

Team Barclays Bank has had a wonderfully unexpressed third quarter, after which its performance has been improving even more. Despite a continued drag from a costly U.S. trading error, the team reported an unexpected rise in third-quarter earnings on the back of strong trading revenues this year.

The team captain especially asserted, “Our performance in FICC (fixed income, currencies and commodities trading) was particularly strong and we continued to build momentum in our consumer businesses in the U.K. and U.S”.

One expert noted recently commenting on the future- the uncertain economic backdrop will likely put a brake on some of Barclays markets, particularly at its credit cards and investment banking divisions, with the outlook for corporate action — such as capital raises — more difficult. This might be a cautious sign for this British team.

Nevertheless, for this match- they just need to win one more round to make this week their own. Stay tuned to find out whether that turns out to be possible!


Zcash vs. The Graph

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:0

This week is exciting for crypto enthusiasts.

We’ve got quite a few matches that are going to be very interesting to observe. One such match is between the number 61st- best Team Zcash and the number 77th best crypto team The Graph.

Both of these teams did pretty well in the group stage and are not up against each other in the knockout stage with assertive determination to win.

On Tuesday, Zcash won the second consecutive round of this week despite The Graph’s efforts to fight back.

Last week, Zcash price fell below the falling parallel channel due to the crypto market crisis as crypto hit its latest yearly low at $34.16 mark.

Recently, The Zcash bears are running rampant in the market which has pushed the bulls on the edge. This has meant only trouble for the team. However, it seems that bulls are showing signs of improvement - as today’s score suggests this.

However, experts expect this team’s performance to fall in the upcoming days. Stay tuned to find out what happens next