Nov 23, 2022 9:14:18 AM

Daily Highlights | 22nd November

Knockout Stage Matches
Week 2 | Day 2
22nd November 2022

ING vs. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 1:1

Now this is getting exciting!

First MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial), and now ING?

These two teams are having a really tough competition. No one is letting the other get ahead before them. But isn’t this what this tournament is all about— yes!

Team ING, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation, scored in the second round in their own favor on Tuesday, forcing the total to become a tie!

The country manager and managing director of ING Bank in the Philippines, said in an interview that as the group marked its 32nd year in the country, its services and products would be imbued with “ESG [environment, social and corporate governance] as an overlay.

Having identified the Asia-Pacific region as the market with continued potential of revenue diversification for ING Bank, the team intends to grow its wholesale banking business and strengthen its position in the Philippines.

This reflects the team’s commitment not just to Asia as an emerging vanguard in global growth, but also to the Philippines’ growth story.

All this has contributed to the team’s comeback performance in today’s round.

The next three are going to be very crucial for both the team; ING and MUFG. Stay tuned!


Qtum vs. Zcash

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:0

Qtum vs. Zcash has started to become a bland match.

Zcash has been proving to be pretty lazy in this match.

On Tuesday, the second round of the week- Qtum managed to win another round against Zcash, and so is very close to victory this week.

Qtum is an open-source, decentralized Blockchain platform and Value Transfer Protocol. It can execute smart contracts on multiple virtual machines and run environments with Proof-of-Stake consensus.

What makes it so special? The ability to combine the best of both worlds, adding Bitcoin’s value-storing capabilities to Ethereum’s smart-contract platform.

This year was plagued by high inflation and an extremely unsafe macro situation which reflected greatly on the Bitcoin price.

This is mainly the reason why most of our crypto teams are lagging behind.

Will Zcash be able to make a comeback in the next round? If not, then this week’s all for Qtum.

THORChain vs. OMG Network

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:0

A good performance by THORChain, or should we say OMG Network is not even trying?

Maybe both. THORChain defeated OMG Network consecutively in the second round and is fairly ecstatic.

THORChain is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to exchange assets across different networks. RUNE is the native token that has governance purposes. In recent news, the market cap of THORChain (RUNE) jumped up by over 10% to around $395.2 million. This happened after the FTX collapse, which led to users herding towards decentralized alternatives.

Moreover, a software bug that led to the team THORChain to halt its services three weeks ago- made many weary of the team’s performance. But it has been proving everyone pretty wrong lately.

If it manages to win tomorrow- they will proceed further in the tournament. Stay tuned to see what happens next!