Nov 24, 2022 11:12:18 AM

Daily Highlights | 23rd November

Knockout Stage Matches
Week 2 | Day 3
23rd November 2022

Bank Rakyat Indonesia vs. Barclays

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 0:3

Barclays are over the moon. They scored three consecutive points in three consecutive rounds in this week’s match.

And have hence qualified for the next week, leaving their opponent Bank Rakyat Indonesia behind!

They did not let their streak of winning break, as was expected from them. Their utter domination by which they started playing this week showed how determined and confident they really were.

Barclays had a strong third quarter, and it seems that they want their fourth quarter to be as bright and exceptional as the third one.

In recent news, this banking giant team has signed a mega deal to be the newest sponsor of Wimbledon. It will become the official banking partner of the SW19 championship and make the biggest ever donations to the Wimbledon Foundation.

This news combined with its reputation of being a team who always outperforms has led Barclays to climb as far as they have in our tournament.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia, sadly, will have to say goodbye to this tournament as they have been officially knocked out this week.

Just how far will Barclays continue it's winning streak? Stay tuned as we find out together!


Industrial Bank vs. UOB

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:1

Industrial Bank vs. UOB. Names that have made headlines numerous times during our tournament and teams that are both giving their best - we just love to see them play!

After they both tied at 1:1 in the first two rounds of the match on Tuesday, things got really tensed.

Today's third round was scored by Industrial Bank again. So now, the score is in their favor.

Team Industrial Bank Co. Ltd. is a China-based commercial bank. The Chinese banks have been on a precipitous climb this year, after three years of pandemic. This climb, according to experts, will continue till 2023.

That is the main reason why most of our Chinese banks have been doing so well in this tournament. Industrial Bank defeated team State Street Corporation last week, and is on the way to ascend even further in this tournament with the determination it has been showing.

In recent news, the Singaporean multinational banking corporation, team UOB has also been doing pretty well in its own way. In recent news, it partnered with SP Group, Singapore's national grid operator and leading sustainable energy solutions provider to give support towards supporting sustainable energy project developments in the region for the generation of green energy.

This is a genius strategy.

As both teams are making massive moves in the financial world, it's hard to predict how the next rounds will turn out!

Who will go further in this match? Stay tuned to find out!

Maker vs. Loopring

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 1:2

So, it was team Loopring who broke the tie in the last round yesterday.

After having a tie with Team Maker in yesterday’s round- Maker has scored their second round achieving their domination back.

The altcoin market reversal continues as long-forgotten cryptocurrencies are rising from the ashes and returning to the market with impressive 30% returns in a matter of hours.

Loopring has been one of these coins to do impressively well in the last couple of weeks and this week as well. Despite no recent announcement being made, the team is at a very high pace.

Some experts pointed out, referring to the on-chain data, unidentified whales are shown to be buying eight-digit bags of LRC, which might be one of the main reasons behind such an unexpectedly strong volatility and volume spikes on the market.

On the other hand, Maker has been trading near its yearly support level. The Maker team quickly recovered from its valid pounding zone for bulls. Because of the failure of the FTX cryptocurrency exchanges, the crypto market sentiment is extremely negative.

This indicates that the loopring might continue its stride up in the current period. And this is bad news for Maker.

So, the team Maker is under pressure again, and must stride really hard to break this domination by Loopring, if they want to stay in this tournament. Let’s wait for the next round to see what happens. Stay tuned!