Dec 11, 2022 11:34:15 AM

Daily Highlights | 9th December

Knockout Stage Matches
Week 4 | Day 5
9th December 2022

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc vs. Barclays

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 4:1

And Barclays saves themselves from a humiliating elimination.

Our English players, suffering from a stroke of bad luck got thrashed by The SMFG group throughout their match in the Semis.

Part of the reason behind their sluggish moves and gameplay this week was some of Barclays’ online banking services being under maintenance. Which had a negative impact on both their fan support and team morale.

After the services finally came back online, the team regained their senses, got back on their feet and by altering their strategy won the round today!

After 4 days continuously seeing red, Barclays’ stock finally reared its head from the downtrend and hiked by 1.54% today, whereas the SMFG group only spiked by 0.30%.

Alas, although this last round win amounts to little more than mental consolation at this point, but it was indeed a treat to watch Barclays go down fighting till the end!


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria vs. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 2:3

I guess this week’s losers are just trying to save their dignity at this point!

As after officially losing the match in the 4th round, BBVA managed to take today’s round home ending the match with a loss of 2-3. 

It was no surprise that MUFG defeated its opponent this week, as the team has been making headlines after headlines these past few months garnering tons of attention and fan support.

From acquiring companies in Philippines and Indonesia to selling its segment of MUFG Union Bank to U.S. Bancorp, the team has been doing it all and has even started to repurchase its stock signaling to investors that their firm is currently undervalued.

Alas, BBVA had a good run this season but lost their seat in the finals by the same score they had de-seated Industrial Bank in the Quarterfinals to proceed in the tournament. 

This tournament is indeed filled with ironies and by the looks of it there are more to come! 

So, stay tuned, as we are going to see BBVA give it one last shot in the tournament next week as they compete for the 3rd place with Barclays!

Basic Attention vs. Cosmos

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 3:2

And just like the matches of the Banking tournament mentioned above, Cosmos too fueled with the desire of saving their dignity came out strong in today’s round and took it home!

Losing the match from BAT with a much more respectable score of 2-3.

The match was toughly fought but BAT reeling from the negative impact on its stock by the not so good expectations from the company by experts recently was unable to maintain its standard composure and lost the round. 

But it’s not about who wins the battle but who wins the war and despite losing today’s BATtle, the war is theirs as they proceed to the finals with their head held high!

Will their final battle coming up let’s see if BAT has it in them to win the World War!