Dec 16, 2022 10:02:19 AM

Daily Highlights | 15th December

Knockout Stage Matches
Week 5 | Day 4
15th December 2022

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial vs. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc

Today’s Score 0:1

Total Score 1:2

Wowza! Team Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group scored another point. They’re now dominating their opponent team Mitsubishi UFJ Financial with two points. 

In recent news, the team made headlines when it said on Thursday that it will promote Senior Managing Executive Officer Akihiro Fukutome to president and CEO.

The first changes in the bank's top posts in six years are aimed at keeping up with changes in business environments and accelerating its overseas expansion. Akhiro Fukutome has 59-year-old roots with Mitsui Bank and will be the first leader with outside experience. 

This change has made the team quite attractive in the final week of the tournament. 

With only one round left for the final match, will it be a tie? Or will team Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc be the champion? You’ll soon find out. 

Loopring vs. Basic Attention 

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 4:0

It was final who was the tournament’s crypto winner yesterday when Loopring scored their third round. However, it seems like the champion team wants to score the rest of the rounds left as well— as much as it can. 

That’s what happened today in the fourth round - when team Loopring scored yet another round against the already battered team Basic Attention. 

Why is Basic Attention not even trying? Team BAT coin price has been seeing a strong downside trend and has fallen 85% from its all-time high. Technical indicators of BAT are favoring a downside trend. 

The team’s price is currently trading below the 50 and 100 Daily Moving Average. There can be a negative crossover which can push the price down to a new low.

This means that this week is going to be brutal for the runner up of the tournament and might not even be able to score a single point. 

Alas, at least they made it till the finals. That’s something that is going to be remembered for a long time. 

Third Place Playoff

Compound vs. Cosmos

Today’s Score 1:0

Total Score 3:1

Drum roll! 

And the third place in the crypto club’s tournament goes to team Compound. 

Team Compound finally managed to score three points against team Cosmos- and has achieved this week’s victory, and the third-place trophy. 

Compound (COMP) is an Ethereum token that enables community governance of the Compound protocol. The protocol is a series of decentralized interest rate markets that allow users to supply and borrow Ethereum tokens at variable interest rates.

Team Compound is one of the best-known projects in the DeFi market. Compound pioneered the concept of “liquidity mining,” which has become popular in the DeFi world. In the current market condition of the crypt world, experts have declared Compound as one of the cheapest coins to buy in 2022. 

This has all been proving well for the team as it won the third-place title on this tournament. 

Team Cosmos on the other hand could only score one point in the first four rounds and lost the third place title.