Aug 16, 2022 3:20:23 PM 2022 Season Opening | Friendlies

Ladies and Gentlemen, Teams, and Fans around the world – Get ready and fasten your seatbelts!

With extreme pleasure, we welcome you to the much-awaited 2022 season opening of the tournament!

We are kicking things off with a Friendly’s Tournament.

Over the next 5 weeks, we bring to you an unprecedented, never seen before battle amongst the biggest businesses in the world.

From within a total of 8 groups, we have picked 24 of the world’s nastiest; the toughest; the most ruthless enterprises (aka teams). These teams from across different sectors will go head to head in week-long matches and deliver to you the entertainment of a lifetime!

That is our promise to you.

There shall be no qualifiers and teams will start directly with the group rounds so you can be sure that each match will be brimming with excitement.

The rules of the tournament are simple.

First careful selection of the participants is done by our management team. Then a draw is made and the teams are assigned groups.

From there on the teams battle each other intragroup in the form of rounds. Each round lasts 24 hours and each team starts with a score of zero, the team that performs the best relative net improvement in these 24 hours is appointed one point.

Each match consists of 5 rounds, so the team which outperforms the others three times out of five is the undisputed winner.

As we proceed along the way, teams will slowly start getting eliminated from quarterfinals to semifinals eventually only the best of the best will reach the finale!

Considering the current bear market – caused by geopolitical issues; rising interest rates, and recession risk – the market is quite unpredictable which makes this tournament all the more exciting!

So get ready for a thrilling, exciting, and potentially heartbreaking tournament.

With underdogs thrashing the reigning champions and nail-biting finishes that bring you to the edge of your seats. Anything is possible!

In Group A we have the tech giant Google which has been taking the brunt of the market for quite a while contending against the rising team of Walmart.

In Group B we have the strong, stable and balanced teams of Netflix, McDonalds and Amazon fighting it out among themselves!

Will the experienced team of Google beat the rising Walmart? What about the all-star battle in group B?

Stay tuned and let’s find out together!